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I wanted to take a moment to thank each and one of my supporters and everyone who followed my campaign. While the outcome is not what we all hoped for, I am excited for our future and happy to be a part of it. I am now looking at other ways that I can help effect change, and serve my fellow Texans better. Keep in touch.

Victor Hugo Harris Texas - Democrat Qualifications  

For years we have had career politicians who have not done what they were elected to do. Many are elected to Congress with little to no experience. Experience matters. We cannot wait years for would-be career politicians to learn the system and effect change. We need experience now and change today!

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Positions and Plans:


Gun Ownership/Violence

Paying for new programs, taxes, and UBI


Criminal Justice

Climate Change

Reproductive Rights

Promoting Opportunity and Equality

Military and Veteran Issues

Immigration/Border Security

Victor Hugo Harris

About Victor Hugo Harris:

I want to be your representative in the U.S. Senate. I will provide proven leadership to a position that has been lacking a voice. I will tackle the most critical issue affecting every Texan; immigration / border security. We can no longer defer addressing this crisis.

Born in the United States and raised in Mexico, I am a product of the issues facing the Hispanic community. Having lived through the transition of a native Spanish speaker to English and integrating a familial culture into an American culture, my family was able to navigate U.S. government support programs to become fully independent U.S. citizens. And now I want to give back!!

Let me take my 34 years of military leadership experience to D.C. and fight for Texas and all Texans. Texas is a big state and deserves a big voice! As your representative in D.C., I promise to have the voice of Texans be heard.

Apart from immigration / border security reform, the United States has a responsibility to our future generations; to be good stewards of our environment. That means accepting that climate change is a real concern. The Pentagon, a nonpartisan agency, sees this as a national security issue. We need to follow suit.

Education is vital to ensuring the future of Texas. It is critical to strengthening our economy and in making healthcare achievable for all without burdening our middle class.

Together we can make our shared beliefs a reality and advance these interests.

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Leading the future of Texas.

A future where everyone not only has access to healthcare, one where everyone gets healthcare on-demand. A future where every American and member of our community can pursue higher education to build a more diverse and intellectual workforce. A future where we can have secure borders and liberal migration; where immigrants are seen as opportunities, not liabilities; and a future that is free of fossil fuel by-products. A Texas we can be proud of leaving to our younger Texans.

This is the future we can work for together.

Issues confronting our community where I want to effect change:

Immigration and Border Security:

The United States is a nation of immigrants, where almost every family has a story of coming to the U.S. for a better life. We need to remember this history and be a welcoming country for those that seek the same opportunities. It doesn't mean that we ignore security at our borders but that we balance compassion with American ingenuity to create a fair, favorable, and feasible solution for those that are here and those that want to be here.

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Climate Change:

Climate change is real, and we must address its effects. Many Texans see these effects first hand as flood after flood disrupts their lives. There will always be uncertainty in understanding a system as complex as the world's climate. However, there is now strong evidence that significant global warming is occurring. What is currently in dispute, politically, is what is causing the warming. Is it a natural cyclical event, is it caused by human activity, or is it a natural cyclical event exacerbated by human activity?

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Education is critically important. Education opens doors and creates opportunities for both the employee and the employer. Affordable and quality education starting from pre-K to high school and on to college. We need to establish communities where everyone who wants to pursue higher learning has the opportunity to do so. That is why I support a highly subsidized college and vocational training initiative.

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Health Care:

The Affordable Care Act has some issues; it requires some tweaking, not elimination. We already have a framework for creating universal healthcare. We should further pursue and explore these routes. There are some immediate constraints in financing such a program, but we need to get after it now.

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Equity for all is the promise of the Constitution. All citizens must be treated equally under the law. It is the very essence of being an American. Equity is a must for all Americans, no matter your race, ethnicity, gender, income, sexual orientation, immigration status, or neighborhood. Many of these groups has had to face discriminatory practices. We need to move forward and respect each other.

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Gun Ownership:

Taking guns away? You might have a better chance of taking cowboy hats, boots, and Friday night football from Texas. Instituting universal background checks, closing the gun show loophole, and passing "Red Flag" laws is a start but not the solution. The solution to curbing our gun problems will take more than a few feel-good laws that do little to fix the problem. We need to do more.

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Criminal Justice:

Police officers are in our communities to serve and protect the citizenry. More and more, we hear of the abuses by these trusted agents. These officers are the products of our communities. They are the sons and daughters of our neighbors, our old school mates, and athletes from our local high schools. They have taken up a noble mantel to serve their community. They require more direct simulation training to prepare them for the real-life events they may face in the field. We need to invest in our policing.

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Foreign Policies:

For too long, the USA has been placing its military as the lead agency in foreign policy. Nobody wants to be bullied into cooperation. The military should be in a supporting role to the state department. Big stick diplomacy has gotten us enthralled in an endless war in the middle east with the threat of even greater expansion. We should continue to support democracies around the world, but we need to focus on core national interests when invoking military necessity.